Tesla369® Solar Disc

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Scientifically Proven Energy Pendant

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Top Quality Product with Antibacterial Coating!

Dimension: 3.9 cm (1.53 in) in diameter

Based on the Nikola Tesla’s Inventions and Technology, as well as Tesla’s thoughts on Free Energy, Frequency and Vibration, Tesla369 Solar Disc® will deliver Positive effects beyond your expectations.

Tesla369 Solar Disc® Improves Quality of Your Life in many ways, It Accelerates Cell Regeneration, Dynamically Changes Water Molecules for the Better, Elevates Personal Energy Levels, Protects from harmful EMF radiation, Slows down Aging process…

Produced of the Highest Quality materialsScientifically Proven in Bion Institute of Bioelectro-magnetics and new Biology, Tesla369 Solar Disc® is the product that You will love for sure. Just put it around your neck and witness Amazing Positive Effects.

Ease Your Life in 5G World!

Lifetime: Unlimited.

More info on our new website: www.teslasolardisc.com

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15 reviews for Tesla369® Solar Disc

  1. ben v.

    great product, i have more energy just after a few days of use

  2. Samantha F.

    Awesome product, I love it!

  3. Claudia

    Somehow,it calms me down…

  4. Mark L.

    Really good product, I feel less stressed and have more energy.

  5. andrea c.

    great product, i have put it on my own necklace

  6. Lindsay

    I really love this product. Fast shipping,it came in beautiful black package with certificate and user guide.

  7. Jenna K.

    Amazing pendant!

  8. Ross B.

    Definitely adds clarity and energy…My meditation was more profoundly felt I believe in part to the properties of this disc.

  9. Michael R Levesque

    Hard to explain, it really works!

  10. Orrin Tate

    thr grandad of them all,I could
    not miss this chance

  11. Ma. Domitilla Sendino

    I will order 2 pcs energy pendant for women

  12. milan jesic

    dali zbilja radi

  13. Murenzi

    The sense of BEING…in control, in harmony, vitality, etc have been so far my best experience ever…I simply didn’t know that such product exist

  14. Craig Hackman

    Received the Tesla369
    Solar Pendant late this afternoon. I had a serious skiing accident tears ago destroying my lower back. I am usually in some sort of pain walking etc. About an hour ago I was aware that I felt good! I was, in my experience, pain free. I have had purple plates here in my home, large squares, disc’s, etc but this pendant is already doing something positive and I feel painless. I am astounded, I wasn’t paying attention gave no thought to it eliminating pain! Well, lucky me, it is helping. I think I should get several and just tape them all over my body! (Only kidding, but what a thought!)
    My purple discs never did this! Amazing, absolutely, amazing!

  15. Vivian S.

    It arrived on time and I use it to help my dog with seizure. It has helped her to reduce frequency so far, hopefully it goes away completely

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