Tesla369® Purple Plate

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Tesla369® Purple Plate

Top Quality, WorldWide Exclusive Manufacturing Method With Holographic Particles!

Dimension: 9.3 x 6.3 cm (3.66 x 2.48 in)

You can become proud user of Tesla369® Purple Plate, the most famous asset of natural medicine of all time!

Easy for use, just put it on paniful place on body or just wear it with yourself as long as you wish. Many customers are also wearing it around the neck, although we have Tesla369® Purple Disc for that kind of use.

You can use it also to energize food or water. By using Tesla369® Purple Plate, you are constantly raising your energy and vibrational levels.

Lifetime: Unlimited.


11 reviews for Tesla369® Purple Plate

  1. Mirjana

    products are really beautiful, as well as package. it quickly helps with headache.

  2. Igor

    I bought a week ago, I sleep better and feel more energetic somehow

  3. nikola

    whenever i am nervous, i put the plate on my chest and calm down really quickly.

  4. Vasa

    Great painkiller!

  5. Valerija M.

    I am wearing it all the time, it’s very good for many health problems, the only minor disadvantage is that it cannot fit in small wallet…

  6. Dragica S.

    I bought plate and disc and didnt regret,

  7. Milovan K.


  8. borko

    so good against any pain

  9. Marko D.


  10. Biljana

    I bought the plate, it’s awesome. I wear it around the neck, everyday. All the best!

  11. Marina

    My mom told me that her back pain is gone in 3 days, and I feel less pain in my hip (I was barely able to walk, now I walk normally!) IT WORKS!

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