Positive Effects of Tesla369® Purple Plate and Disc


By using Tesla369® Purple Plate and Disc, you can expect the following benefits:

  • physical energy improvement
  • mental energy improvement
  • increase of clarity
  • better sleep
  • increase of cell regeneration
  • better meditation
  • better cope with stress
  • better intuition
  • overall better sense of wellbeing…

Tesla369® Purple Disc is worn, in most cases around the neck, as a charm or medallion. But, do not underestimate it’s effects. Some mediums or highly sensitive people can feel pleasant vibes, something like tingling sensations. Some therapeutics use discs in Chinese traditional medicine, putting them on painful areas of the body, healing and opening “chakras”. 

Both Tesla369® Purple Plate and Disc are used in health problems like pains, migraines, insomnia, wounds as well as a protection from negative electromagnetic fields.

Tesla369® Purple Plate is very convenient product to be worn always by your side.

It’s usually worn in pocket, around the neck, even in shoes! It can be also put under the bowl or glass of water, to energize it, as well as below food and fruits.

Customers also put it under Wi-Fi router and behind many devices that have strong negative electromagnetic effect.

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Many customers witness almost magical positive effects of Tesla369® Purple Plate and Disc, but customers usually overlook the fact that Purple Plate is invented by Ralph Bergstresser, personal assistant and a friend of Nikola Tesla – purely on scientific research and examination.

We have never wanted to claim some fascinating effects that you can have by using our products, nor to give some guarantees for healing, because this is the field of natural energy medicine, which is certainly not the substitute for conventional medicine.

If you have health problem or diagnose, consult your doctor. You can use our products along with your therapy without any concerns, because there cannot be any negative or unwanted effects from using Tesla369® Purple Plate and Disc. 

Many customers experiment with our products, so there is practically impossible to mention all fields of application, and time will show use what benefits this Generator of Positive Cosmic Energy can bring to You!

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